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SEniors for seniors

Dogs are the perfect motivator!


A dog is great motivation for anyone, to get you out of the house. A dog needs walking (even a slow, leisurely walk to stop and smell the flowers), it’s an obligation!


When you’re older, you start to lose those reasons you choose to leave the house such as going into work or taking the kids to school. A  senior dog puts that requirement back into your life. It pushes you to get outside, even when it’s cold or raining, when you’d rather be inside. 


Or if you are purely seeking a senior dog for companionship as your snuggle partner on a cold rainy day.


Seniors over the age of 62 will very soon be able to contact us to find out more about senior dogs in our care, rather it is for a visit to brighten your spirits, to foster or adopt! 

More to come on our new program!


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