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Julie Austin Photography

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All About Award Winning

Pet Photographer – Julie Austin


It all started with photos of homeless puppies 12 years ago, working at a dog rescue, I started taking pictures of homeless pups to help them find their forever home. There, I learned I had knack for bringing out an animal's playful personality, especially those who’d been abused.

A year and half later, I left and started my own animal care business. I started taking photos of client's pets for fun, and they asked if I could do private sessions. Even other rescue places started asking me to photograph their animals

Every day of my life has been spent with some kind of animal. I’ve had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, bunnies, ducks, hermit crabs. I’ve also been an avid horse rider since my parents first put me in a saddle when I was in kindergarten.

My art and graphic design background taught me to appreciate light, composition, colors. Artists that have influenced me most are Georgia OKeeffe, Paul Gaugin. Even authors like James Harriott, Margeritte Henry and E.B. White (Charolette’s Web still makes me cry) have taught me the power stories of animals can have.

I’m so grateful I get to do what I love, telling stories of pets and their owners with photography. And how that’s even been recognized by King 5 Evening Magazine as the Best Pet Photography in Western WA five years in a row (2012-2013-2014-2015-2016).


What makes me different as a pet photographer?

  • I’m as obsessive about my pets as you: All of my dogs have middle names. I can never sell my car because I’ll never ever get the dog smell out. My dogs have better health insurance than I do.

  • I photograph any pet: Most pet photographers photograph only dogs or cats. I’ll photograph any pet you have a special connection with (even snakes!).

  • I capture the soul of your special relationship: You’ve got a zillion pictures of your pet on your camera phone, or even your own digital camera. But seldom do any include you, or that capture your special relationship. Most pet photographers will only take photos of you pets. I include you as much as you want to be for no extra charge.


In tune with your pet’s mood

Loving animals is not enough to be a world class pet photographer. You also need to understand how hyper-sensitive animals are to human moods and fears. Fortunately, this is one of my superpowers. When a pet photographer lacks this, it can make a playful pet clam up, or a cranky pet even worse.

My dad was a USMC Colonel and mom was a teacher. They instilled a discipline to show up ready to give my best regardless of my own personal ‘weather’. Because of this, all animals seem to blossom around my consistently patient, compassionate and playful approach.


See for yourself what a difference this can make 

All Charlie's Foundation Adopters will receive a discount when they book their family session through  You can find out more about Julie on her facebook page at:

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