Our mission is.....


Charlie's Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit charitable organization. We strongly believe and will strive to improve the quality of life for senior dogs left behind in shelters and in dire need of care and compassion in their golden years. We also believe in strong and ethical partner relationships, to include an all foster based rescue. We will strive to help educate owners who feel a shelter may be their only resource available for their senior companion. Most importantly to be their advocate for spay and neuter programs and to help owners in need find low cost programs.



Their reality is.....


Seniors are often deemed less adoptable and when shelters need space they are the first ones to be put-to-sleep. They often languish in the shelter system not understanding where they are and quickly shut down when they realize they will never see their beloved owners again. Most are in dire need of medical care and crave the simplest of human interaction.  Most only receive the interaction they longed for when they are removed from their kennel once their time has run out.  This is the most heart wrenching of realities knowing that the interaction only comes at the expense of ending their lives that fateful day.

Our Promise is.....


To rescue and improve the quality of life for senior dogs. To be an advocate for spay and neuter programs and to help owners in need find low cost programs. To provide the best medical care, or in some cases the strength to compassionately let them cross over to The Rainbow Bridge.

We rely 100% on donations, grants and fundraising to help ensure our senior dogs receive the best possible care. 


June 8, 2006-October 22, 2016

We will never forget you

Rest in peace

Teresa Ritzhaupt 

with Lilly, her rescued boxer

Founder and Executive Director of Charlie's Foundation