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honoring chica's legacy

Chica's Legacy Program- allows for owners to donate items in their senior dogs memory and to honor them in doing so.  Our Promise is to make sure we mention your donation and post your story about your beloved companion (should you like us to do so).

Chica's journey as told by her Mom:

I met Chica on the streets of Mexico in September 2000.  We were both hiding in the shade from the hot summer sunshine. 


She was weak, dirty and coughing a lot but so sweet and friendly.  I tried feeding her but she wasn't interested in my spicy human food.  When she tried to follow me home, I ducked inside a restaurant until she decided I wasn't returning.  After daily encounters together in the shade, I knew I could not leave her on the streets alone to starve any longer.  We started our adventure together that day and after 5 long months of treatment from veterinarians in Mexico and good nutrition, Chica caught a flight home with me to Seattle.  


Her life was so different in Seattle, we had many opportunities for walks, hikes, snowshoes and canoe rides before she fractured her elbow one day jumping off the sea wall at Alki Beach.  So we could continue enjoying our long walks together, I purchased Chica a stroller (pictured).  This, combined with swim therapy, massage and stem cell therapy, gave Chica and me 8 more quality years together.

After her passing in 2016, I found Charlie's Foundation online during the #GiveBig Seattle campaign in May.  I knew, when I was ready, this is where Chica's stroller belonged. 


Helping senior dogs enjoy their Golden Years in style!


Charlie's Foundation will be lending Chica's Stroller to the foster/adoptive homes of our senior dogs when one is in need.


Chica's story and her photo will be placed on a forever tag which will rest on the handle, highlighting her story and making sure she is never forgotten. 


We will make sure to mention who Chica's Stroller will benefit each time we lend it out to another senior dog in need.  



Honoring such a sweet and loving dog really tugs at our heartstrings and we are forever grateful to have been touched by her story  and for our senior dogs to be the recipients of her donation.

May Chica be running free at The Bridge with many new adventures to keep her busy until she is reunited once more with her beloved Mom.

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