July 19, 2009-June 21, 2017

We are posting photos of our sweet fospice named Willow. Some of these photos are from when we first saw her in a California Shelter and when we decided to rescue her, and others are her trips to the vet and in her foster home in California and here in Washington and at our Headquarters.

This little girl had such a rough life, we know this because she was picked up as a stray and her whole body was matted, she had feces and maggots crawling on her lady parts. She has recovered from that but it was clear she had lingering health issues.


Willow has Heart Disease and the highest grade heart murmur, and she has no teeth, she also was diagnosed with Cushings Disease several months ago after she started to gain weight at an alarming rate.

Throughout all of this she has been a trouper and keeping her fur siblings on their toes (paws), but we fear after yesterdays vet appointment that her time on earth maybe limited. We do not want to put her through another Cushings eval, and it's clear she is keeping a brave face and we just want to give her all the love she missed and keep her routine in her forever fospice home as long as she wants to be around.

Her loving foster home who adopted Buster Keaton now known as Gooby loves Willow and we talked last night, we are going to do everything we can for her no more restrictive diet, she can eat what she wants and do what she wants (which she frequently does) this little girl has won our heart with her determination even in the face of adversity.


Please say some prayers for her that she has more months ahead to enjoy such a beautiful family and that she enjoys her big back yard and her buddy Gooby. It breaks our heart to see senior dogs like Willow and that we wish we could have met her sooner to have made more of a difference in her life.


We just have to make each day a bucket list day and tell her how much she means to us while she is here on earth.

Foggy Pier